At the Meadow we aim for every child to be enquiring, motivated and happy learners, with a desire and confidence to learn, achieve and make decisions,

and yet not to be afraid to fail.


The school will

  - Ensure an ethos that promotes high aspirations for children and families at the Meadow, which values the importance of          life long education.

  - Offer choices for children and families, wherever possible, and the opportunity always to be heard.

  - Give opportunities in all curricular areas for children to apply their skills to solve problems.

  - Ensure children take responsibility both in their learning and wider school life, inspiring high quality and pride in all that       they do.


At the Meadow we aim for every child to enjoy school and achieve to their full potential. We also aim for the highest academic achievement

and social progress for each individual child


The school will

  - Ensure inspirational teaching and learning experiences for every child, both in and out of the classroom

  - Ensure thorough, on-going assessment throughout the school which lead to challenging targets for each child

  - Provide all pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum which takes into account individual learners’ needs

  - Have a positive, stimulating and nurturing environment for learning, based on praise and reward

  - Secure the best value for children’s learning and achievement when purchasing resources and services

  - Have an ethos of inclusion throughout the school

  - Have outstanding teaching and learning experiences



At the Meadow we aim for every child to make a positive contribution to the school and wider community through developing mutual respect, kindness

and consideration for others, in keeping with ‘British Values’


The school will

  - Develop children’s understanding of differences within our diverse society and develop their appreciation of differences.

  - Create a working partnership with parents and develop collaboration within the whole school community

  - Offer a welcoming atmosphere that encourages children, families and the community to bring into the Meadow their               diverse range of skills and experiences which promotes learning in our school.

  - Ensure children have school and pupil initiated experiences which contribute to the wider community.

  - Recognise and celebrate the variety of cultures, religions, language experiences, needs, views and personal attributes             within our school and wider community


At the Meadow we aim for every child to have a healthy lifestyle and for all children to understand the importance of choosing a healthy lifestyle


The school will

  - Ensure children understand what a healthy lifestyle is

  - Ensure there are regular opportunities for children to exercise and compete in sporting activities.

  - Encourage children to choose healthy lifestyle options, including healthy school meals and packed lunches.

  - Offer the opportunity to all children to grow, cook and eat school grown produce


At the Meadow we aim for every child to be safe

and feel safe from harm, neglect and bullying


The school will

  - Have a caring and nurturing environment which ensures every child is heard.

  - Have a robust system of child protection procedures, which includes safeguarding  pupils from being drawn into terrorism      and extremism

  - Have a zero tolerance of bullying and any form of harassment.

  - Ensure risk assessment procedures that protect all children.

  - Provide a safe and secure environment for children in our care, in and out of school.

  - Promote e-safety, ensuring children and parents understand the importance of keeping safe when using the internet