The safety of children is always important and this is no different online. This page is full of information and tips on how you can help keep your child safe while they are using computers and the Internet.

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The Meadow's online pledge

How esafety is taught across the year groups

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"Screen time late in the evening can affect your child's sleep. Encourage them to turn off their screens an hour before bed"

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"Have you heard of YouTube kids?

A safer way for children to watch videos online."

At The Meadow we pride ourselves on our strong ethos of zero tolerance of bullying in any format, be that physical, hate, racism, sexism, emotional or cyber bullying. Unfortunately, although we get very little reported cases at the school, bullying exists in every aspect of society. At The Meadow, when any instances arise, it is the speed and effectiveness in stopping any bullying and reassuring the victim/s which is of key importance.


We hold an anti-bullying week each year with a different focus and regular PSHE work and assemblies reiterate our message of STOP (meaning 'Several Times On Purpose' and 'Start Telling Other People')

Say no to bullying

If someone is trying

to make you feel bad,

so that most of the time

you are frightened or sad,

just remember to tell.

When someone is hurting you

day after day,

and whatever you do

they just won’t go away,

just remember to tell.

Telling is brave

and telling is cool,

telling is one of

the rules of this school,

so remember to tell.

T. E. L. L.


Information about films and other media and their age restrictions.

General information about staying safe online.

Information about the social networks and games that your child might be using.

Child friendly videos and information about staying safe online.

A guide for parents on protecting the privacy of their child online.